Rules and Regulations

General Rules

1General Rules
1.     Students should obey the rules and regulations laid by the college authorities scrupulously

2.    Ragging is an offence by law. Students indulging in ragging will be dismissed.

3.    Cell phones are prohibited in the campus.

4.    Students are expected to attend the college well groomed and neatly dressed.

5.    Girl students should attend the college wearing sarees or salwar- kameez.

6.    Boys are not supposed to wear T- shirts.

7.    Students are advised to leave their footwear outside the library and computer lab.

8.   Students should wear their ID cards daily.

9.   Students should not sit on the steps or parapet walls.

10.    Students are forbidden from writing on the walls and desks, etc.

11.    Students found guilty of damaging the college property should replace the same at their own cost.

12.    College fees should be paid in the stipulated time.

13.    Students should not trespass the college boundaries on any account.

14.    Drinking, smoking, chewing pan and spitting in the college premises are strictly prohibited.

15.    Eve teasers will be summarily dismissed from the college.

16.    Students found guilty of using foul language or rude behaviour will be expelled from the college.

17.    Vehicles of the students should be parked only in the parking space.

18.    Students should maintain proper respect and rapport with all the teaching staff and fellow students.

19.    Bringing and using alcoholic beverage inside the campus is an offence and the students will be dismissed without warning.

20.    If a student is convicted of any offence in a criminal court, the student will not be permitted to continue his/her studies.

21.    Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics.
If found involved in politics, the student will be expelled from the college.

22.    Fees once paid by the student, will not be refunded on any account.
1.   Students should attend all the classes, practical's and tests regularly. Three consecutive late attendances (if permitted to enter the campus) will be treated as absence for one day.

2.    Daily attendance of students will be marked in a register by individual teachers for every period.

3.    If a student is absent for one period in the morning session, he / she will be marked absent for half a day. Similarly, in the evening session also, absence for one period will be treated as absent for half a day.

4.    The guidelines of Bharathiar University are followed by the college. Students with less than 75% attendance will not be permitted for the University Examinations.

5.    Students should submit their leave form in writing with proper reasons in advance. In case of sickness, leave letter should be accompanied by a medical certificate ( for more than 3 days of sickness).

6.    Students are not allowed to go out of the class rooms or campus during the working hours without obtaining the written permission from HOD/ Principal.
1.    Mess dues are to be paid every month before the last date for payment.

2.    Mess fees must be paid on or before 5th of the succeeding month. A late fee of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged.

3.    Hostel gate will be closed at 8.30 PM and no student will be allowed to go out.

4.    Study hour at 8 PM will be enforced in the hostel.

5.    Meal timings must be strictly adhered to.

6.    Male students are not an allowed to mix with their female counterparts on any pretext inside the campus.

7.    Bringing or using alcoholic beverages is an offence and students will be dismissed without any warning.

8.    Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and campus and If found guilty severe action will be taken.

9.    Phone calls are allowed only from blood relatives on Saturday evenings and Sundays.

10.    Participating in any unethical and unprofessional activity will be considered as a severe offence and will be treated accordingly.

11.       Sticking pictures or writing on the walls, windows and doors of the hostel rooms are strictly prohibited. Cost of repainting will be collected from the students staying in that room.

12.    Students using foul language or rude behaviour to hostel staff and Warden will be expelled from the hostel.

13.    Anyone who violates the hostel rules will be sent out of the hostel within 48 hours without prior warning.

14.    No day scholar shall be allowed to enter the hostel without prior permission.
4Id Card
Every student will be provided with an identity card with his photo duly attested by the Principal. Students are required to keep their identity cards with them always.
5Code of Conduct
Cell phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus. All boys should tuck in their shirts. Wearing T-Shirts should be avoided.
All students should come in prescribed uniforms on important days.
The Placement Cell plays a pivotal role in our college. Even though it was established long ago, its activities have reached the peak in the last 10 years. Unlike in any other college, we have appointed a Placement Officer and a ministerial staff to assist students to be placed in various concerns on part time basis during their study period and to place them in national and international companies aGer the completion of their degree courses. Additionally one staff member from each Department will act as Liaison Officer between the students and Placement Cell. In order to enhance their employability skill the Placement Cell is conducting numerous SoG Skill programmes and many Value Addition Courses (VAC).
7Fees Regulations
Fee will be collected in 3 equal instalments in respects of semester classes. The Principal is competent to change the due dates for collection of fees. If any student fails to the fee on the due date, he/she shall be liable to pay a fine of amount along with the fees on or before the day aGer the due date. The name of defaulters of an instalment will be published in the notice board immediately aGer expiry of the last opportunity fixed for payment of that instalment. Every student is liable to pay the prescribed fee for the whole semester during any part of which his / her name is on the rolls. The principal according to the rules prescribed by the Government will sanction refund of fees.
8Exam Cell
We are committed to achieve highest order of excellence in the field of (UG & PG) exam conduction . In the examination section, all Bharathiar university examinations are conducted for the departments Of Computer, Electronics, Commerce, English, Maths, Catering Science and Hotel Management, Biotechnology. It includes Theory, Practical, and online examinations for the respective Departments. We strictly follow the rules and regulations of Bharathiar University. All Bharathiar University Examination are conducted in surveillance of External Senior Supervisor (Appointed by university) & Internal Senior Supervisor (Appointed by Principal) Entire Bharathiar university examinations are being conducted in college as per directives of the Principal.