A spacious library with about 10,000 volumes, subscribing about 100 journals and magazines is kept open for the students from 8am to 6pm. Open access system is followed; students can enter, search and select books physically. Alternately on line search and reservation of books is also offered. Five systems are exclusively ear marked for students to browse the internet through high speed broad band connections. Browsing is open for 24 hours and is absolutely free. Reprographic facility is also accessible in the library. A reading room with a capacity of 100 seats is also existing.

The KSG Campus Library has its origin at the main building in the KSG College campus with a floor area of nearly 3500 sq.ft. and emerged in 2002 as a Knowledge Resource Centre mainly to cater the information needed for the Faculty, Research Scholars and all Students which help to hub both industries and research institutions globally. Library users have always cherished memories of availing the services of this treasure-house of documents since the past years. The Library has about more than 14,000 books, 1000 reference books, 36 different journals, 34 periodicals,55 e-resources and maintained with the process of modernization, which to be upgraded with new establishments. A rare collection of books and journals present here is useful for their research work. The library is equipped with high speed internet facilities. Electronic Information Services and Open Access e-resources will be provided in future which has to be tuned as the role played by the Library as an Information Centre. It caters to get information needed to the faculty, research scholars & PG students of the following department categories like:Biology,Computer,English,etc.. We endeavor to further improve all our efforts to facilitate right information to the right user at the right time.